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"In the Box" and "One-Pass" Mastering

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“ITB” (In The Box) MASTERING: There are a lot of lower budget options out there for mastering.  Many of today's "mastering facilities", are, for better or worse, deployed under circumstances and conditions that are less than ideal.   Sure, the price is attractive, but do these folks truly have the acoustic space and the monitoring chain to fully do your music justice?  My "In The Box" service is budget-friendly and it takes place in a FULL-SERVICE FACILITY!  Most often, the work is done solely in the computer with little, if any analog processing.   I love my analog gear, and it's mighty fine indeed, but I completely understand that budgets vary from project to project.  My “IN THE BOX” service allows you to take advantage of the same room, the same engineer, and the same top-notch monitoring chain while using some of the very best plug-ins and processing digital has to offer.  With digital delivery  you can take your digitally mastered files and upload them to your favorite delivery service (your own website, iTunes, et al...) or  you can “burn your own” disc for short-run replication, which I also do here as well.  If you want to get your project mastered without the higher price tag, you have arrived!  There’s no reason to take a chance on cut-rate, compromising, ‘bedroom' operations when you can send your tracks to BLANTONE MUSIC and know that they are indeed in most capable hands.  If you really need to save money there is really no need to 'compromise' your project.

Q. How is it, then,  that you can save me some money?

A. Time.  You already know that time is money!  Digital processing is simply faster - No discs to burn, no potential CD burn errors to check! Most of the record keeping concomitant to a session that includes lots of analog processing (recall sheets, notes, manual level-riding) is essentially eliminated as I am able to store these types of information with the session as I go.  This saves a lot of time.  In fact, it's almost a 50% savings.  I can pass that savings on to you. 

Q. Will I be able to hear the differences between the quicker all-digital processing and the mastering that includes more expensive analog equipment? 

A. You certainly might - Analog processing remains the very best way to do the majority of the processing.  What's available to use for all-digital processing these days, however, is quite good actually, and in the right hands in the right space, with an appropriate monitoring chain, the results can be nothing short of outstanding.  But, it remains to you, the artist, to decide how best to proceed.  Do I recommend "In The Box" for the ultimate quality recording that is to be released for broader commercial consumption?  Not likely.  Your "home-grown" / limited release, though, will most assuredly benefit from the processing I can do here than if you patronized a ‘low cost operation that has less experience and less than ideal listening conditions to boot.  That's a given.  This is an economically sound, budget-friendly service which allows me to compete so very well with others who are offering "similar" services out of bedrooms and garages.  And, this allows you to have a quality product that compares very favorably to what the "big boys" offer, too! It's not rocket surgery to see the logic in that.

“SINGLE-PASS” LIVE MIX EDITING & MASTERING: If you have some material that was recorded in one session that has basically the same settings, and is mixed using consistently similar settings, then all of your mixes should be relatively easy to process indeed.  If you just need a final master for a bit of CD duplication so you can pimp them at your gigs  --  OR  --  you recorded other music on a small portable recorder and you want to run some CD’s to sell in a fund-raising effort, this could be just what you are looking for.  Often, given the media with which these performances are captured, these recordings can sound 'lackluster'... 'weak'...  My clients are always so very pleasantly surprised upon hearing these types of recordings polished and refined with some proper mastering!  I can help you get the most out of it.  Granted, I cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear, but I can make a damn nice pocketbook!) Send me your files, and I will:

  • Take the recording and digitally transfer it into the studio's computer
  • Take out and cross fade “those seemingly eternal moments of quiet and/or forgettable (regrettable :-) ?) speech" between pieces and provide you with a seamless, more professional and enjoyable live performance presentation.
  • Save the changes and prepare then, to...
  • Create a “Single Pass” master which has been EQ’d, compressed, stereo field adjusted, and rendered to the file format of your choosing (.wav, .aiff, mp3, etc.) and delivered digitally to you.

“SINGLE-PASS” Mastering is a great money-saving option to my standard mastering.  Please keep in mind, though, that there is a "one-size-fits all setting" used to process the whole project.  If  your material varies significantly in volume or overall spectral balance, or if it is mixed using a variety of different settings, then this type of mastering is NOT what I would recommend.


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