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Professional Audio Engineering Services: Tracking, Mixing, Mastering and More...

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WNCW's Crowd Around the Mic Volume 21 Is In the Can!

I wish I could make more time to keep the site here updated...that said, I'm pleased to have mixed and mastered WNCW's Crowd Around the Mic Volume 21 this past Fall. I've worked on several of these over the last few years, but I think this one is my favorite. Joe Kendrick and Martin Anderson did a fine job of choosing the material. It's made a great 2-disc set. 29 tunes from 29 artists; among them: Saint Paul & The Broken Bones, Grammy-winning The Infamous Stringdusters, Tim O'Brien, The Wild Reeds, Geoff Achison, Front Country, I Draw Slow, Eric Krasno, Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters, and the Gibson Brothers. You can find out more about it HERE.


And it's the best of the best! This new 8/16 track rig is comprised of an 8-channel Millennia HV-3D, an 8-channel Phoenix Audio DRS, 8 channels of Electrodyne 511 EQ's, and a JoeCo Blackbox recorder. This is an extremely high fidelity rig. I've also added a pair of Neuman M149's here as well. The M149's and the Millennia offer stunning clarity and detail. I have also added a Grace Designs Decca Tree Microphone Spacing Array for faultless stereo imaging. For when it really matters most! This will also supplement the video rig I've put together...


I've recently acquired three very nice Canon pro recorders for use here in the studio and on location. I'm still tweaking it out on the equipment end, but it's almost there. I am looking forward to doing more sessions on location and adding HD video to the quality work here.


I've added some fine new pieces to the mastering chain here to better serve clients, giving them some of the very best options available, among which are the Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Processor, the Anamod 670 Limiter, and the IGS EXP-2 Stereo Pultec EQ, and the Chandler Ltd. Curve Bender EQ. Check out all the rest of the very best equipment I can use on your project HERE!



You can read more about it HERE. As we say in the South, "Plumb tickled to be honored with the inclusion!"


WNCW's Crowd Around the Mic Vol. 20

Glad to have gotten the call to work on this milestone project doing some mixing and mastering work these past several weeks. 20 years of Studio B sessions have yielded some wonderful tracks by notable artists over the last two decades.

This year's two-disc set is no exception with tracks from The Bottle Rockets, Malclom Holcombe, Balsam Range, The Black Lillies, Dangermuffin, Nikki Talley, Tony Furtado, The Broadcast, The James Hunter Six and many, many more. I especially enjoyed mixing and mastering tracks from Josh Rouse and Angela Perley. One-of-a-kind tracks you'll get nowhere else. You can find out more at

Thanks for supporting public radio which does such a fine job of supporting independent artists!



I have commissioned a NEVE 5088 console from Rupert Neve Designs. The 22 channel desk, with which I have taken some liberty in the design of the penthouse section, is now installed. The console incorporates a mixture of Neve modules and 500 series modules. A short list of these 500 series units includes Crane Song, A Designs, and Shadow Hills. A new Switchcraft 9625 patchbay system accompanies the installation and will provide the ultimate in inter-connectivity between the desk's components and all the wonderful outboard equipment already in place here at the Green-House. I'll have some pictures of the new console up soon.

A new AVIOM MULTICHANNEL CUE SYSTEM has been installed as well. Now all artists will be able to control their headphone mixes exactly as they wish. That's a win-win!

I have also updated the MOBILE RECORDING RIG with a couple fine, new 8 channel mic preamps, and I have expanded the hard disc recording system capabilties to accommodate up to 32 tracks.



I am pleased to have worked on some material for public radio, WNCW, recently. I have finished the mastering for the 25th anniversary "Crowd Around the Mic" CD compilation, and I have completed mixing and mastering 14 cuts for CATM Volume 18, which features Studio B recordings of Nikki Hill, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Willie Sugarcapps, Tony Joe White, and more. Really enjoyed this work!

I now also enter my 27th year as producer/host of WNCW's Satruday Night House Party.

"Grits Aint'Groceries", a new "LIVE" in the studio series for public radio 88.7fm WNCW remains in production here! Artists having tracked or scheduled to appear are the Red Dirt Revelators (formerly WSNB), Frank Bang's Secret Stash, John Ginty, the Shane Pruitt Band, and many more. Stay tuned as acts are scheduled here in the studio. Broadcast began in June 2014. I am still looking for artists, so hit me up if you are on the rootsy side of things. Paco Shipp and the Marcus King Band will be the next segment, which has unfortuntely been delayed due to the death of both my parents in 2014, my father's especially at the end of November this past year.


Thanks for stopping by Blantone Music's web site, home to the GREEN-HOUSE STUDIO, MU-SPOT MASTERING, and BLUE RIDGE VACUUM TUBE WORKS. The GREEN-HOUSE/MU-SPOT is a fully-equipped, full-service recording/mixing/mastering facility.  BLUE RIDGE VACUUM TUBE WORKS is an outgrowth of the engineering that has multiplied here over the years, and which specializes in custom-built, point-to-point hand-wired tube guitar and harp amps.

You'll find lots of useful information on the services offered here, so feel free to take a look around.

While it is true that no one goes out of a studio humming equipment, having an engineer that knows his stuff and is able to apply that in a properly equipped and maintained facility can go a long way to helping artists realize their vision.  If you'd like to bring your project to fruition (without breaking the bank) and in a facility owned and operated by an engineer who is also a musician; and who has created a beautiful, comfortable and creative space for musicians, you've come to the right place.  Expert tracking, mixing, and mastering can be arranged quickly and easily.  Drop me a line...or give me a call...

Lots of thoughtful ways to maximize your investments of time and money in getting projects started and finished with high-fidelity results...even on a "well-considered" budget. I'd love to discuss with you how you can do just that. Small projects, large projects are all treated as if my own.

Tracking here is efficient and euphonic . All rooms are tuned and acoustically sound. Abundant, tuned isolation possibilities insure high fidelity recordings. Want to track an album live? No problem! 24 tracks possible here simultaneously.

Let my decades of experience as a performing musician, enigneer, producer, and radio host inform your next project.


>>Want to know more about MASTERING?  I've provided a brief but comprehensive explanation here.  It's not really rocket surgery, but the process can create lots of consumer questions, shoot me an e-mail or give me a call and I'll explain it further. 


I have lots of great NOS and vintage electron vacuum tubes for guitar and keyboard amplifiers, hi-fi/stereo, and for studio applications. All tubes are tested and guaranteed. I'll be expanding the website as soon as I can to include more information and the capability to purchase here online. In the interim, please send me an email if you are looking for quality tubes for your Fender, Marshall, Vox, Gibson, or Hammond, et cetera. I can match tubes six ways to Sunday. I am more than happy to help you in your quest for perfect tone and performance.

>>Custom tube guitar amp builds done here. There are eight standard models from which to choose. Find out more here.


>>Here to check out the band, CITIZEN MOJO? Click HERE to learn more<<.

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