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Digital Delivery Of Mixed & Mastered Files

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If you desire digital delivery of your project, BLANTONE MUSIC/MU-SPOT MASTERING can send you individual files OR a full CD image rendered as a .WAV file. 

Some disc writing/burning software reads the indices necessary to do RedBook Standard discs properly.  Others won't.  The files I will render are done in WaveLab.

If you would like to see if your own writing/burning software will be up to the task, I'll be glad to send you a test file at no charge.  Hit me with an e-mail or give me a call, and we'll give it a whirl...

If you’re going to burn your own duplication master and the markers which I have supplied do not work,  it just could be that they’re not actually behaving as "track markers"; then you can try replacing them.  That often does the trick.



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