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CD Text

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To Text or Not To Text:  THAT  is the question.

I can place text on your CD master so that it will display information to listeners relative to artist name(s), titles for the album, and the tracks therein; and of course, the ISRC codes.

CD text will only display this relevant information in player which are CD text compatible.  This includes newer car systems, more recent portable players, and the more expensive hi-fidelity and professional applications players.  CD text is not likely to display in and of itself in a great deal of computer media playing software, so don't be disappointed!  Changes are afoot on this, though, it would seem.

To 'enable' this function in your computer's media player, there are several online CD data bases which warehouse such information.  I've provided their names and links to each:
Gracenote (used by iTunes and a handful of other programs)

General info on how to submit info to Gracenote is at:

Info on how to use iTunes to submit info to Gracenote is at

AMG Lasso (forWindows Media Player): Info on how to submit info to AMG Lasso is at

freedb and MusicBrainz (used by several other programs)

Info on freedb is at
& for Musicbrainz at

Once you have received your replicated discs from your duplicating service, you can proceed to submit them to the online data bases.  It's generally best to wait until this point as some specific timing information can change subtly during the replication process.



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